MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Covington man is facing charges after police say he lied about being robbed.

Covington Police say on July 25, 19-year-old Landon Smith reported that he had been robbed at gunpoint by two men in Broadmeadow Place Apartments on Peeler Road. Police say Smith told officers his rifle had been stolen, and that the men had fled the scene on foot.

Smith reportedly named one of the men and gave descriptions of both of them. Covington Police say officers tracked the men down, detained them and recovered the guns.

Police say witnesses for the accused robbers met with detectives and gave accounts that could “be verified by surveillance video and other witnesses.” Police released the two men before they could be formally charged.

According to Covington Police, on July 27, detectives determined that Smith had actually been involved in a transaction with one of the men he accused of robbing him. Smith and the man were reportedly going to exchange a rifle for a pistol.

Police say detectives interviewed Smith, who gave “conflicting statements.” Smith was then charged with filing a false report.

Smith is being held on a $2,500 bond.

“This is a great example of how when witnesses are cooperative with detectives the facts can be revealed in cases,” Covington Police Chief Donna Turner said in a statement. “I appreciate these witnesses stepping up and doing the right thing for the right reasons. I appreciate the CPD officers and detectives who worked tirelessly to ‘get it right. unveiling the false allegations against these men.”

Anyone with more information on this incident is asked to call the Covington Police Department at 901-475-1261.