COVINGTON, Tenn. — Police in Covington, Tennessee, are anxious to find the person or persons responsible for killing the owner of a convenience store on Christmas Day.

Investigators said Adel Elrafei, the owner of Bull Market, was last seen alive Sunday morning around 10 when he opened his store.

It’s believed he was shot sometime between noon and 1 p.m. with robbery as the apparent motive.

“Obviously, it was a convenience store that would have money, other products that would be a quick target for a robbery. That’s what it appears that was. There were multiple shots that were fired,” said Covington Police Chief Donna Turner said.

Turner said detectives worked late Christmas night processing the crime scene, including cell phones, for any evidence that would help find the person or persons responsible.

Turner said her outrage over the death of Elrafei, known to most folks as “Alex”, is shared by many who knew him as more than just a businessman. He was well thought of in the community and always willing to help someone in need.

Adel Elrafei (photo provided by family)

“It’s just an outrage that this would happen any day of the year but especially on Christmas,” she said. “He was known, by people in the community, that he would kind of give a helping hand for those that were a little short in change and was known to give out bubble gum to the kids that would come through the drive-thru with their parents.”

A clerk at a convenience store two blocks away said she can’t comprehend why Elrafei had to die. She didn’t want to be identified but told us the stories about Elrafei’s kindness are true.

“He’s going to be sorely missed. He will be missed,” she said. “He was just always happy and smiling and you know, ‘how are you today?’ and that type of thing.”

Covington Police hope anyone with information will contact them so justice can take its course and the victim’s family can have closure. If you have any information, call E911 dispatch or the Covington PD Criminal Investigations Division at 901-475-1261 or contact police through social media.