MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County Board of Commissioners and other local leaders are calling for calm ahead of potential protests following the video release of Tyre Nichols’ violent confrontation with police.

All eyes are on the city of Memphis after the death of Nichols. The Shelby County Commission said they understand people will want to exercise their right to protest, but they want things to remain peaceful.

Several commissioners were joined by DA Steve Mulroy, Sheriff Floyd Bonner, and state legislators at a press conference Friday afternoon.

Commissioner Mikell Lowery said he has watched the video and knows that the video will spark lots of emotions.

Local leaders thanked the agencies involved for a swift investigation and indictment of the officers involved, and the commission is asking people who may want to protest to remain calm.

“Seeing the video firsthand,d it’s horrendous,s and I understand there are going to be some people who choose not to watch the video, and I understand that as well.. because that’s going to elicit some trauma that people may have,” Commissioner Mikell Lowery said.

“But what we’re asking people to do, ask Tyre’s mother has asked us to do.. to let your voices be heard but let your voices be heard in a peaceful manner.”

As for preparations for the protest, Sheriff Bonner said he did get a call this morning that state troopers are heading to town to assist other law enforcement.