MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Shelby County Commissioners are considering a huge plan costing millions of dollars to replace the aging infrastructure at Regional One.

Commissioners are now in the process of reviewing material from the hospital’s CEO as there’s a resolution on the line for the commission and mayor’s office to create a plan of action to put up $350 million toward a new medical center.

“I think it’s clear that there is motivation among this current term of commissioners to do something,” said commissioner Van Turner.

Regional One hospital is critical not just to the Mid-South but the state. The hospital serves as a training ground for more than half the doctors in Tennessee through its partnership with the UT Health Sciences Center.

The staff there provides crucial care for countless patients who have gunshot wounds, burns, and a multitude of other problems.  

Shelby County Commissioners spoke about the hospital’s aging infrastructure Wednesday. 

“Everyone benefits from Regional One but nobody wants to fund it, to take care of it. But yet if we were to get out on these rainy streets today and have an accident we wouldn’t be taken to Methodist, Baptist, or St. Francis. We would be taken to and we would want to go to again, Regional One,” commissioner Van Turner said.

Turner said there’s issues that need to be fleshed out and explored but they want to have a plan of action going forward.

“At least have something in place so the new commission can then take it up and move with it,” he said.

The commission plans to discuss the issue again on August 29.