MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you live in downtown Memphis and need to go to the county clerk’s office to register a vehicle, you will be out of luck for the next two weeks.

The Shelby County Clerk’s Office said its downtown location will close the motor vehicle and title departments for the week of Jan. 24 – 27 and the week of Jan. 30 – Feb. 3 so it can process and clear motor vehicle registration and title requests.

They said the purpose of the shutdown is to stay ahead since they often see an increase in vehicle purchases and motor vehicle registration packages in February.

Other services including driver’s license, marriage, notary, and business tax services will remain open.

Closing the downtown office is a big inconvenience for many, especially Willie Johnson who is unable to stand for long periods

“I live downtown area. Been down there for years, been getting my tag and my driver’s license and everything. Then I drive way out here and get a tag to go on my car and get in this long line,” Johnson said.

Shelby County mayor Lee Harris responded Tuesday to the closure of the MVR and title departments saying:

The closure of Clerk Wanda Halbert’s Downtown MVR and Title departments was a shock to me as well as Shelby County residents who need those services. Clerk Halbert needs to have all departments open and focus on filling open roles in her offices. Clerk Halbert needs to be held more accountable. I’d like to see her regular reports to the Shelby County Commission begin again. This is a problem that is not going away. More pressure needs to be put on Clerk Halbert to adopt serious reforms.

County Clerk Wanda Halbert remains in hot water with mayor Harris for not filling open positions in her offices and falling far behind on opening the clerk’s new branch office on Riverdale Road.