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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Shelby County Clerk Wanda Halbert spoke to commissioners Wednesday about some of the struggles her office has faced.

The clerk gave an update to an audit regarding records. The presentation comes as the clerk addressed the public last week over long wait times and other issues.

Halbert said she’s notified other county officials about “dire issues.”

“We’ve been talking about these and a host of other issues over the course of the last four years,” she said.

Halbert presented to county commissioners recent audit findings regarding records she says reveal problems dating back before she was in office.

“They have clearly identified we were not general ledgering daily which caused a host of gaps since 2016 and now that we’re trying to catch up we’re going to attempt to go backwards to make sure that we can catch up with that as well,” she said.

She said her team is taking corrective actions. 

“We’re clearly tracking all of our finances and our record keeping at this point,” Halbert said. “We are on top of it. We’re very confident with the team that we’ve brought in.”

Halbert also told commissioners about barriers her office has dealt with such as hiring. 

“We’ve seen the come and go and we’ve gone through consultants and we really need some steady employees and we’d like to be able to let you know if we run into some barriers and hopefully get some assistance from you,” she said.

Commissioner Michael Whaley said commissioners would try to address some of the issues in a budget committee.