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MEMPHIS, Tenn— The Shelby County Clerk’s office has rolled out a new plan Tuesday to shorten wait times at their locations.

The extreme heat is just one of many reasons County Clerk Wanda Halbert put the “no line/no waiting” plan into effect.

“You can sit in your car, you can go home. We will give you a pre-call when it’s time for you to come sit in the building,” Halbert said.

The plan involves 15-20 customers being serviced at any time while others are registering on a roster and waiting for a call from the clerk’s office.

But it was too late for one woman, who passed out at the clerk’s office in Raleigh.

Xezavion Ward, 18, arrived at the clerk’s office around 6:30, hours before it opened.

“No one foresaw us having new plates for every citizen,” County Clerk Wanda Halbert said.

Halbert said there are plans to do a “hard shut down” in order to catch up on the office’s backlog.

The exact date of when the temporary closure will happen is undetermined.