MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s for certain no one likes looking out their front door to the sight of an overflowing trash bin, but a homeowner in one Cordova neighborhood claims that’s been her view after, she says, there’s been no trash pickup for close to a month.

Jasmine Smith, who lives in the Franklin Farms subdivision in Cordova, says Memphis’ sanitation department has gone AWOL, and she’s taking matters into her own hands.

“I am picking up trash that has blown out of my trash can into my neighbor’s yard,” Smith said. “With the weather and the wind it’s actually into the cove, so I’ve actually went outside and put on gloves and had to pick the trash up out of the cove.”

Smith, a software projects manager who works from home, started missing weekly service in late February and began reaching out.

“Normally, I hear them on Wednesday mornings coming to pick it up, but I haven’t heard them in a while,” she said.

She began reaching out to Memphis 311 for answers but has had no luck, even after making five service requests on the Memphis 311 app for curbside collection.

“It shouldn’t take this much for us to get our trash picked up,” Smith said.

She decided to contact WREG for help.

“I actually reached out because my friend told me to reach out,” Smith said.

The issue doesn’t seem confined to Smith’s cove. We saw a few more overflowing trash bins in the neighborhood. Smith says aside from the fact that this mess is not sanitary, it detracts from the neighborhood’s appearance.

“It’s just becoming an eyesore, and do believe, eventually, it will cause raccoons and rodents and things of that nature, so that is very concerning,” Smith said.

The City of Memphis told WREG the trash in Jasmine Smith’s neighborhood has been picked up.