MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Leaders at a special education school are scrambling to replace the items after the school was burglarized this week. But its what thief did while inside the school that has officials most concerned.

Inside ABC Behavior Therapy, it’s business as usual. But what happened this week was a first for the special education school in Cordova.

Tuesday, the school was burglarized.

Surveillance footage shows a man wandering around the facility and eventually getting his hands on several items. Reanne Woods is the owner.

“We’re just at a loss for words,” Woods said. “When we have different events that occur such as this it’s hard for us to feel comfortable and competent to tell parents that we’re making sure that your babies are safe at all times.”

Woods estimates that $1,500 in valuables were stolen. The most alarming thing to her is that the suspect came in and out the businesses multiple times, without concealing his identity, and did not target high value items. Instead, he left with a few tablets, business cards and small items. 

“He had the opportunity to vandalize, he had the opportunity to break our windows. He had the opportunity to steal and clean us completely out and he didn’t so my question is why,” Woods said.

Memphis police responded to the burglary after a call from an Uber driver, but detectives were not able to pick up any fingerprints.

Now, Woods just hopes that someone will come forward as they seek to regain their sense safety.

“Only thing I can do is pray about it. I’m hoping that this story catches the person that did this so that other businesses does not have to experience that same burden that we have,” she said.

As far as changes for the future, Woods plans on upgrading security at the school. If you recognize the man in the video call crime stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.