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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– An Orange Mound homeowner is left with a huge mess after he says he paid a contractor to make repairs but only part of the work was done.

Clarence Martin nearly lost his home when a tree came down on his home last December. The roof and several areas of his home are damaged.

Martin said his insurance company looked at the damage and gave him a check for $40,000 to make repairs. He said he signed that check over to Kenneth Washington, a contractor.

But Martin said Washington and his team only repaired the roof and stopped working.

“They tore the top off the house, put the top back on, put the roof on the house. They didn’t paint, they didn’t do anything else. They just got the money and ran,” Martin said.

Washington was arrested Sunday and charged with actions by home improvement provider over $10,000.

He said there is $25,000 of unfinished work Washington promised to provide including repairs in the kitchen, bedrooms, dry walls, insulation, and painting.

Martin sent a certified letter to Washington in August itemizing the cost of the incomplete work. He said he has not seen Washington or the workers since April.

Meanwhile, Martin has been living in a hotel since last December and doesn’t know how he will get the money to finish the work on his home.