MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With all this winter weather in the Mid-South, expect your heating bill to go up!

Here are some heat-saving hacks to keep your house warm and money in your wallet:

* Experts say weatherizing your home can save up to 20 percent off your annual heating and cooling costs. So, start by sleuthing out leaky windows and doors.
* You can hold a lit stick of incense in front of windows and doors — experts say horizontal smoke indicates less than air-tight closures.
* You can also dampen the back of your hand and run it around door frames to feel for cool air outside, that getting in
* You’ll want to seal any leaks immediately. You can get cheap weather stripping or caulking for windows and doors that need it.

Some other simple lifestyle hacks to save on heating costs and stay warm include:
* Lower your thermostat by seven to ten degrees when you’re not at home.
* Rethink fireplace use because unless it’s well maintained, it can get costly.
* Reverse those ceiling fans to run clockwise – this helps to push any warm air that’s risen to the ceiling down toward you.
* Layer up your bedding with warm sheets and extra blankets and dress in extra layers yourself

Safety Tips

* Make sure all of your electronics are fully charged
* Insulate exposed water pipes
* Be careful with space heaters
* Be sure your smoke detector is working
* If you plan to use a generator if the power goes out, never use it inside!

Also, as crazy as it may sound if you have to walk outside on the ice, waddle when you walk to prevent slipping and take your phone with you in case you slip and fall.