MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A new study that found Memphis is the most dangerous city in the country has many residents questioning their safety.

Flashing lights, crime scene tape, and grieving families have become a common sight across Memphis.

James Crawford didn’t always feel this way but after watching a loved ones life get taken, it’s hard for him to feel optimistic about the future.

“It just rock bottom, it’s just complete rock bottom,” Crawford said. “It’s not gonna end, I have a feeling it’s not gonna end. It’s gonna keep on going like a loop over and over again, like an endless cycle. It’s crazy.”

A newly released report by 24/7 Wall Street compiled FBI statistics and declares Memphis the most “dangerous” city in the country.

They found there was more than 18,000 violent crimes reported last year. It’s a stat the Memphis police is well aware of. 

“I’m optimistic that we can strive next year for a five percent decrease in our part one crimes. That is a goal we plan to set for 2022,” Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis said back in October.

Memphis came in second when it comes to the homicide rate.

From 2019 to 2020 there was a 38% increase. Chief CJ Davis blames the increase partially on guns being more readily available.

“As we have entered in the new area of permit less carry we are encountering more instances where weapons are readily available were people are just carrying weapons on persons and the simplest of conflicts and the use of firearms has increased,” she said.

Leading people like Crawford to feel robbed of their sense of safety.

“It’s all honky dory for me I just try to stay out the way you know just live,” he said.

You can read the full report from 24/7 Wall Street here.