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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Strong storms swept across DeSoto County and left behind a trail of destruction Wednesday.

Just a few hours ago, the heavy rain was weighing down on this community that just can’t seem to catch a break from severe weather.

Strong winds downed tree limbs that took off part of the roof of the Hernando Masonic Lodge. Lodge members said powerful winds severely damaged the historic building in just a matter of minutes.

“It hurts. It really hurts,” said Bill Winters, one of the lodge members. “The men at this lodge they build this lodge themselves.”

“Water all over the place. There is no power in front of the building. We had to cut the power off, ceiling tiles falling down,” said Jacob Hisaw.

The dangerous weather also made its way to Olive Branch.

Tree snaps and lands on a house in DeSoto County (Matt Brewer, WREG)

Some families in Southaven sought shelter at the community safe room off Highway 51.

“Living in a camper just a strong gust of wind could literally flip our home over,” said Ayrus Douglas who was seeking shelter during the storm.

Dozens of families piled into the shelter.

Looking on the bright side, Chelsey Bates’ family traded in their zoo plans and a 5th birthday party in exchange for a safe space.

Family celebrates birthday at the community safe room during Wednesday’s storm.

“I didn’t grow up with this kind of weather so for me I get really scared. But being a mom you just kind of got to keep your cool so my first thing is just to prepare so we pack bags and get stuff ready,” Bates said.

Members back at the Masonic Lodge said in these situations all you can do is focus on surviving and moving forward as they start picking up the pieces.

“That’s just mother nature. You can’t fight mother nature,” Winters said.

The lodge members did tell me insurance should cover the damage done to the property.

As of right now, there have been no reported injuries.