SENATOBIA, Miss. — Community leaders in Senatobia plan to organize a peaceful protest after a 10-year-old boy was detained by police for urinating in public.

Quatavious Eason was taken to jail after he urinated outside a Senatobia law office while his mother was inside.

Quatavious Eason was all smiles at a “love and support” gathering in Senatobia held by a community action group called Mississippi On The Move.

The event was held Saturday morning at Kemet Coffee to show support for Qautavious while raising public awareness.

“It takes a village to raise a child, but I’m gonna take it a little farther and say it also takes a village to protect a child,” said Patrick Lumumba, a member of Mississippi On The Move.

A picture of Quatavious being transported to jail after Senatobia Police detained him for urinating in public has caused local and national outrage.

Photo courtesy: Latonya Eason

Latonya Eason told supporters Saturday, Senatobia police overreacted after a police officer witnessed her son urinating beside her car in the parking lot of a law office while Latonya was inside. 

She said that when the officer drove by, he saw the urine running down the pavement. That is how he knew Quatavious was using the bathroom.

She reprimand her son, but Quatavious was detained and transported, though reportedly not in handcuffs, said Eason.

“No child should be treated the way my baby was treated,” said Eason.  

He was not charged with indecent exposure but received a child in need of services citation.

Some who attended Saturday’s event were outraged at how the 10-year-old was treated.

While Senatobia’s Police Chief called the matter an “error in judgement”  there is demand for accountability.

“The apology is understood, but it’s not enough. It don’t just go away with an apology,” said Lumumba.

Organizers of the event say there is no date yet for holding a peaceful protest and no decision on whether Latonya Eason will take legal action. She reportedly has been contacted by more than one attorney.