MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Another way to fight crime is to fight blight. So, out of the tragic murder of Eliza Fletcher comes a campaign sponsored by newly elected commissioner Britney Thornton to clean up her district.

Newly elected Commissioner Britney Thornton kicks off an ambitious campaign called “Shine Blight”, dedicated to the memory of Eliza Fletcher, to stage an all-out attack on blight across District 10.

“We are inspired to by the 34 years that she was able to allow her light to shine, and we recognize that we are committed to shining light over our community and not allow darkness to just run its course,” Thornton said.

Thornton says those first images of the house on Victor Street in South Memphis, where Fletcher’s body was found, haunted her.

“I wonder if there was not an abandoned house and overgrown grass in the case of Ms. Fletcher, could this story have been different?” Thornton said.

“Shine Blight” will work with teams of residents and local lawn care service providers to identify and cut overgrown lots in District 10. The three month/three step campaign will rely heavily on donors for financial backing.

While a drive around District 10 shows the monumental task ahead, at least within the last few days the tall grass at the house on Victor Street has been cut, something one woman says took longer than it should.

“A yard with grass, especially an abandoned house where the grass was high like that, anybody can do anything and put anybody out there,” said Tania Richardson.

Now, there is a clearer view of flowers, teddy bears and messages of sorrow, a place where some come to just sit and pray. Others question whether mowing the grass can make any difference at all.

“There’s a lot of places all over the city that the city not cutting the grass anymore, for some reason, I don’t know,” said Willey Rodgers. “But that ain’t gonna stop the crime.”

If every community in district 10 is involved in “Shine Blight”, the campaign budget could be over $96,000.

Thornton says their website should be up and running in a few days with more information.