MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Collierville Police say a man carrying bottles stolen from a liquor store tried to ram an officer with his car in a getaway attempt, then wrecked his car and led officers on a chase Friday.

Officers were called to Cheer’s Wine and Spirits on New Byhalia Road about 2:15 p.m.

Madyson Durand witnessed a man putting bottles in his pants while she was ringing up customers during her mid-day shift at Cheer’s Wine and Spirits.

“He just kept looking around, and then all of a sudden I saw him stick his hand down his pants and grab a bottle and do the same thing,” she said.

Durand says she immediately told her colleague Jen, who confronted him. 

“He just started saying he was high and he made a mistake and he would pay for it, he had money. And Jen was saying like, ‘If you had money, why would you try and steal it?'”Durand said.

That’s when he ran out of the store. 

When police arrived, they saw suspect Kirk Sandifer getting into his vehicle with several stolen items.

After allegedly attempting to ram an officer, police said Frank crashed near the area of Frank Road and Bray Station.

He got out of the car and ran to the Almadale Farms subdivision at Wolf River Boulevard and Houston Levee Road, where he was caught.

Sandifer, 39, of Memphis, is charged with theft, aggravated assault, felony evading arrest and reckless driving. Other charges are pending. No one was injured.