MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Collierville Schools is rezoning elementary students, which means many students will go to a new school next year.

On Tuesday, Collierville Schools Board of Education introduced a proposed attendance map moving elementary students to different schools.

The School Board hopes to rezone starting next school year to address ongoing issues with enrollment growth and building capacity.

Parents like Matt Davis say they are not happy about the new and sudden change.

“It was kind of just thrust upon us via message through the school a couple of weeks ago,” he said.

Davis said he was originally looking for a new home for his family. However, after hearing about Collierville Schools’ plan to rezone five out of the six elementary schools, he is now changing his plans.

“Under the new plan it would be under Sycamore, which we’re sure is a great school but our daughter doesn’t do well with change, she’s thriving here and this is where we want her to be – where we want her to stay,” Davis said.

Parents with children who attend Schilling Farms Elementary School also agree with Davis.

“The meeting was all about the numbers,” Christy Hwle, a parent said. “Our children were reduced to butts in a seat. Well, a number to you and a butt in the seat to you, is my child.”

According to Davis, the new zoning is creating new issues for parents. 

“As we all know Collierville is growing exponentially and we have to plan traffic when we are doing drop-off in the morning,” Davis said. “Right now, it’s a six-minute drive from our house to get here and do the whole drop-off loop and you know that’s probably going to increase.”

Collierville Schools started this process in 2022, however, parents say they are not being considered at all.

“We feel like this committee has really let us down,” Hwle said. “So, now this is going to be presented to the board. So, I think now we are shifting our focus and communicating to the board. The committee didn’t listen to us but we are hoping that the board will.”

There’s another public meeting on November 28 at 6 p.m. at Collierville High School.