MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Memphis’ Public Works director discussed plans with city council members Tuesday for convenience centers he believes could make a difference in the city’s illegal dumping problem.

Director Robert Knecht said he wants to create convenience centers to give people access to drop-off locations where they can dispose of items without going to a landfill and putting them closer to where residents live.

One center is getting ready to open off Collins. Knecht is looking to open another one in Frayser/Raleigh and wants to open a third location in the Whitehaven area.

“I’m working to identify those locations where we can create a drop off center, create the location and staff it with personnel and staff it with appropriate hours that would benefit the public most,” Knecht said.

Knecht acknowledges it’s frustrating for property owners trying to do the right thing dealing with illegal dumping to make sure they don’t get fined but says they try working with property owners and encourage people to call 311.