MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Cordova neighborhood gets its curbside debris picked up after months of waiting.

Teresa Ferraris was left with feelings of frustration and aggravation when she saw mattresses, old furniture, bags of leaves, and other debris waiting for pick up off Mullins Station Cove.

“You wanna keep your neighborhood looking nice,” Ferraris said.

It’s the neighborhood she grew up in and where she visits her parents consistently. Her parents have lived in their home for decades.

Her parents and other residents said the curbside debris hadn’t been picked up for months. Several people have called 311. Ferraris said she emailed the mayor’s office too.

“Some of this stuff has been out here since Christmas, and, you know, they thought, ‘They’ll get it picked up. They’ll come get it,” Ferraris said.

Ferraris was tired of waiting, so she contacted WREG. We reached out to the city and a spokesperson acknowledged they would look into the case.

Hours later, Ferraris contacted us again, but this time on happier terms. She told us city crews picked up the debris and sent us these photos of a clean cove. She’s glad something was done.

The City of Memphis later told us customers may experience delays in collection services during the spring and fall “high-volume” seasons but Solid Waste crews will continue to pick up debris from the curb during the customer’s scheduled bulk weeks.

You can find your schedule at or use the free Memphis Curbside Collection app. It is available on Apple and Android devices.

Solid Waste Management also reminds residents that city ordinance states contractors, lawn and landscape companies hired to do yard work must remove bags and other debris generated from their services.