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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Given the recent robberies and break-ins, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is bringing back Operation Jingle Bells to keep shoppers safe during the holidays.

“Every year when I am shopping, I see them out and about looking around and making sure everything is fine. I feel really good about it,” said Tiffany Pearce.

For the next five weeks, deputies will increase patrol and visibility in store parking lots and better manage traffic. They hope to lessen car break-ins and shoplifting, as well as keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Grace Anne Harper drove to Cordova from Arkansas to shop, and says she feels safer about crossing the bridge.

“Usually, we go to Jonesboro to shop but Memphis is closer to our area. That makes me feel safer if officers are patrolling,” said Harper.

Deputies will focus on four areas: the Wolfchase mall in northeast Memphis, shopping centers near Macon and Houston Levee, East Memphis near Centennial and Winchester, and the Oak Court area.

Deputies will remain close, so if needed, their response time will be decreased.

“It does make me feel better knowing that they will be making sure people get to and from their car safely. Especially after making big purchases,” said Harper.

Operation Jingle Bells has already started, and will run through Sunday, January 1.