MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A South Memphis church is dealing with a series of break-ins, vandalism, and theft, and church members are praying the suspect will soon be apprehended.

Reverend Stephen Walker, the pastor of St. Jude Missionary Baptist Church on Trigg Avenue, said this man whose image was caught on the church’s Ring camera is believed responsible for thousands of dollars in damage and theft.

“He went around the church, destroying windows, breaking in, stealing from our prison food pantry ministry,” Walker said.

It appears only one person is responsible for the crimes but has managed to elude capture for over a year. It’s a test of faith for this South Memphis house of worship.

“Many times we came up here to see what had happened and to look at the boards is just discouraging, but I know God is able,” said church member Juanita McKinley.

Sheets of plywood protect the 117-year-old stained glass windows. However, many have already been broken by the intruder who managed to gain access and leave a trail of destruction.

Plywood on stained glass windows at St. Jude Missionary Baptist Chruch (Photo by Mike Suriani, WREG)

Reverend Walker said the suspect’s determination for breaking and entering, in addition to the Ring camera picture, could very well lead to his capture.

“On several attempts, he’s cut himself and so they’ve got the blood DNA and they’ve got that limited view,” Walker said.

Worship services are continuing, and while plywood blocks sunlight from illuminating the stained glass windows, Reverend Walker’s message for the suspect is crystal clear.

“It’s as if he has a vendetta against the church and I would say to the young man ‘you may be taking on our church but you’re really fighting God, and that’s a losing battle,'” he said.

If you think you know who the suspect is, you’re urged to contact CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.