MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – A church in Cordova is going virtual two Sundays a month to help its 470 members save money on gas.

The Church at the Well is making the move as the average gas price in the Bluff City hits $4.60 per gallon, according to AAA.

“People shouldn’t have to choose between going to work and coming to church. That’s just not how God is,” founding pastor Dr. Kia Moore said. “People are really committed to showing up and showing God that they’re faithful and I didn’t want people to associate their faithfulness to God to their physical attendance in church because we can worship virtually. We did it all pandemic.”

Moore said the church is always looking for ways to help people including a grocery giveaway back in March. 

“We want to be the church that’s known as giving not taking,” she said.

She said helping her church members save on gas is a no-brainer.

“No. We’re not actually putting money in your pocket but we’re making sure that less money leaves your pocket,” Moore said. “So, we think people will be able to better provide for themselves, better take care of their children and they can stay home two Sundays a month and worship with us virtually instead of driving all the way to Cordova and wasting that gas.”

She hopes other churches will do the same and go virtual at least one Sunday a month.