MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s Christmas in November for hundreds of Memphis families who stopped at the Church of God in Christ’s city-wide giveaway in southeast Memphis.

Organizers of the event say it’s all about healing the community.

85-year-old Tomizene Blocker is one of the more than 1,000 people who gathered for the Church Of God In Christ’s Christmas In November City-Wide Giveaway Saturday morning.

“Thank ya’ll for the work that ya’ll are doing to help the people that need it. Thank God. I pray God keep his blessing on ya’ll that’s giving like he say give. It’s better to give than receive,” said Blocker.

Clothing, household items, appliances, food, and so much more were given to families in the community for free. 

There were also free health screenings, vaccinations, dental hygiene services, and even job recruiters.

Bishop Brandon B. Porter with Greater Community Temple Church of God in Christ says the goal is to spread healing as well as holiness to the community.

“Before COGIC comes with their convention which starts Tuesday, we want to be able to impact the community and let Memphis know that we not only love God but we love them,” said Pastor Porter.

Porter says more than 3,000 people preregistered for the event with many of them having anywhere from four to seven people in their family. 

“A lot of our church members, our denomination, our auxiliary leaders are pitching in and sowing seeds to help us love on these people,” he said.

Those on the receiving end say they couldn’t feel more loved. 

“Everybody happy. Everybody looking good, smelling good. Kids running around playing, having a time. This what God wants. He wants us all to come together and join as a community,” said Selina Boston, a recipient at the event.

COGIC’S  115 Holy Convocation is slated for November 7-14 in Memphis.