WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — A West Memphis couple is charged with endangering their children after police found their home covered with “extreme dirt and filth.”

According to a police report, five children live inside the home where officers found roaches, fleas, rotten food and animal feces. A large pile of trash sits outside the home.

Police arrested Cody and Kelly Wright after officers responded to the home regarding a city code violation for a portable tiny home sitting in the driveway.

That’s when they say the Wrights started acting disorderly, leading to a disgusting discovery.

Five children and several animals were removed from this home in West Memphis, Arkansas after police say they found filthy conditions inside. (photo Bria Jones)

According to police, an officer noticed a large amount of trash and foul odor coming from the house. After taking a closer look, the officer saw animal feces covering the floor while two small children were playing.

Police called the Department of Human Services and Animal Control to the house. A walk-through led to investigators to fleas, roaches, standing water, rotten food, bed bugs and more animal feces.

After deeming the house unlivable, DHS removed five children from the home.

Animal Control removed eight dogs, five cats, a gerbil and a rabbit from the property.

Kelly Wright bonded out of jail the next day. We knocked on the door to see if she was home, but a child answered the door.

Neighbors who wish to remain anonymous said the community has been worried about the children. A concerned neighbor concerned contacted Families in Transition about the situation.

“Neighbors conveyed to me that they suspected children were sleeping in the tiny house,” said Cassie Rutledge, executive director of Families in Transition. “One individual observed children in the tiny house during dark hours.”

Rutledge said that with the alarming conditions, she hopes the children don’t fall through the cracks of Human Services.

“Unfortunately we have a system put in place to protect our children that also continues to neglect them,” she said.

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We reached out to DHS but they said they could not comment or confirm any investigation relating to the case.