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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A child is the recovering in the hospital after being stabbed multiple times at a Raleigh apartment complex.

On Wednesday night, man is behind bars accused of assaulting a child at the apartments in the 4400 block of Cedar Ridge Lane.

Court documents revealed that Lanorris Burnett got into an argument with his girlfriend’s son on Tuesday night. At some point, that argument turned violent when Burnett allegedly stabbed the child multiple times.

Violence like this is on the rise, according to Marquiepta Odom, who runs YWCA greater Memphis, a domestic violence clinic.

“We are so grateful that the particular case that you’re talking about, that it didn’t end up in a fatality,” said Odom. “Domestic violence is and continues to be a problem in Memphis. And due to the pandemic, we have seen a also a slight increase of domestic violence incidents within our community.”

At this time it’s unclear what sparked the augment between Burnett and the child. Ultimately, he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Odom said incidents like this could have lasting impacts for families.

“Often times they may become a perpetrator, or they may become a victim, whether it’s a male or female because sometimes men, young men will say you know what, I’m not gonna be like, whoever this was what my mother went through, and so he becomes very passive,” Odom said. “It is a cycle of violence that that continues to perpetrate unless someone within that family decides that this is not going to be me and I’m not going to go through this and I’m not going to accept violence, I am better than this.”

Burnett ended up with a broken nose as a result of the altercation and the child was treated at Le Bonheur for stab wounds to the body and arm.

Burnett remains in jail on a 25,000 dollar bond with a court date scheduled for Thursday.

We’re still working to learn more about the child’s condition. Neighbors tell us that the child is a teenager.