MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Some people in Cordova are fearing the worst after dozens upon dozens of Canadian geese were removed from their community.

Millie Tyler spent time with a beloved goose named Baby and the dozens of other geese and goslings along a lake in the Riverwood subdivision where she lives.

“These were very intelligent animals. They were like pets,” Tyler said,” I’ve spent hundreds of hours observing them and researching about them.”

But Tyler said Baby and countless other geese have been removed over the last month or so. She believes they have been euthanized. 

“There was plenty of room for them. A lot of times you don’t even see them,” she said. “The 11 goslings were taken and that is devastating to people.”

She said within the last year the Homeowners Association told people in the subdivision they could no longer feed the birds living along the lake.

Tyler said she’s had ongoing issues with the HOA and believes the HOA called for the removal of the geese. 

“Every single day I’ve been out there sweeping the lake path and there have not been a lot of droppings,” she said. “That was a complaint and that’s totally understandable but it’s easily taken care of with a broom.”

We called the HOA to see what they could tell us but a woman said someone would call us back. So far we have not heard back from the HOA. 

Tyler is now left heartbroken and angry. 

“People come here to be around the wildlife and if there are people here living around the lake who have an objection to waterfowl and their not-so niceties then maybe they should reconsider buying property on the lake,” she said.

We also reached out to the federal agency Tyler believes picked up the geese. We are waiting to hear back from them as well.