MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say four teenagers stole a car in Millington and sent police on a chase in Frayser Tuesday morning.

According to officials, at 1 a.m., a car was stolen out of Millington in the 6500 block of Kiowa street. It was spotted in the area of Willow Wyck Drive South and Walloon Drive, 26 miles south of Millington. When officers tried to stop the vehicle, it fled.

Police pursued the car until it crashed at Thomas Street and North Watkins. Two 14-year-old girls, a 15-year-old boy, and a 16-year-old boy were taken into custody.

The suspects were dressed in all black with masks on their faces when they threatened the victim with a gun, forced him out of his car, and drove off in it. The victim was not injured.

When WREG arrived, we found that traffic was at a standstill. Aside from Shelby County Deputies, a Millington squad car, helicopter, and K-9 units were also on the scene.

Millington residents like Charlie Hines say they blame the justice system. “They know nothing is going to happen to them. You know they do the carjackings, this and that,” Hines said. “Then they may get caught, but they’re released again.”