MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A North Memphis woman says she lost clothes, shoes, and electronics when a man broke into her home on Maury Street last week.

The woman wasn’t there when it happened. She said he got in through a window, and her security system alerted her to the break-in.

“I have cameras inside and out,” she said. “I was actually talking to him and scared him off.”

Police have released a picture of the burglar who was caught on camera last Friday and is asking for the public’s help identifying him.

The victim didn’t want to say how much the burglar got away with but believes he is the same man who has broken into her home twice before.

Maury Street burglary suspect
1000 block of Maury

“I can’t confirm the first time because my security wasn’t in place. So, I can only confirm twice he was the one who came into my home,” said the victim. “I feel like he may live in the neighborhood.”

The woman said she wouldn’t be surprised to learn he tried to break into other homes on her street. She said she’s done everything to protect her place, and it’s frustrating the same burglar keeps coming back.

“It is when you work hard for your things, and then someone feels like they can come into your home and take them,” she said.

If you recognize the burglar or have any information that can help police, call CrimeStoppers at (901)-528-CASH.