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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As Mother Nature is expected to dump up to three inches of rain in some parts of the Mid-South, some say we need it to make up for the months of drought.

The boats were comfortably sitting in the water at the Mud Island Marina on Monday. It’s far cry from what we saw in October when we reported record low levels in the Mississippi River.

“The water was all the way past the docks, there was no water all up here. All the boats were all in the mud, it was something to look at, we haven’t had it in four decades,” said Cassie Holtman, officer manager at Mud Island Marina.

We’re told the rain is exactly what many businesses here needed.

“It definitely helps keep the water up and not having any damages to boats,” said general manager Joe Weiss.

Weiss said they need the water levels to rise again. The constantly changing weather has been challenging for business. 

“The freezing weather just threw us for a loop, we had nine broken pipes. We’re in the middle of fixing them all,” he said.

Weiss said the upcoming rain is welcome, but it might take a few days to see the impact.  

“Our water went up, went back down, went up, went back down. We’re almost at negative three or four which puts us right at the end of our ramp, so people can’t go down the ramp,” Weiss said.

He said a lot of what we see here has to do with the weather patterns north of us. 

So the rain in Memphis, Kentucky, Illinois, and Ohio helps, and hopefully we can get those levels back to ideal. 

“A lot of our challenges are water, of course, we need water levels, we use the water gauge level at the bridge for that,” Weiss said.

He said thankfully damage after the drought was minimal and by the looks of it outside right now, that shouldn’t be an issue again for quite some time.