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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Police say a pair of bumbling burglars used an excavator to break into a Northeast Memphis bike shop, but when a wall came tumbling down couldn’t get anything past all the debris.

“They went directly for a bike,” said Bryan Hayes, the owner of Midsouth Super Sports. “They could not get the bike through the mess, and time was ticking, and alarms were going, so they just left.”

Hayes said he got an alert from his alarm company around 5 a.m. on June 25. He started looking at his surveillance cameras on his cell phone and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary until he got to the alleyway.

“I saw the excavator. I was thinking it was MLGW,” Hayes said. “I saw all the debris and a missing bike, and it finally clicked. Like, I’m getting robbed.”

Hayes said someone stole two bike trailers from his back lot about three weeks ago. However, he doesn’t know if the same individuals who busted through his wall and tried to steal his dirt bikes.

He said the crooks were only there a couple of minutes but destroyed one bike and caused more than $30,000 in damage to the building.

“When the excavator came through, it hit the wall, and the whole wall came down on top of the bike and crushed it,” he said.

Hayes said the burglars also left behind the pricey excavator that was likely stolen. He’s glad the thieves didn’t get what they were after but isn’t taking any chances and has already beefed up his security.

“More money, more cameras, better quality cameras. It’s really all you can do,” said Hayes.

Police said the suspects left in a dark-colored Chevy Tahoe and left behind a black and gold watch. If you have any information that can help investigators call CrimeStoppers at (901)-528-CASH.