MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A frustrated jewelry store owner is speaking with WREG after burglars targeted his store in northeast Memphis overnight.

Surveillance video captures four burglars ransacking Wiemer’s Jewelry on Highway 64 early Thursday morning. Store owner David Wiemar says in less than five minutes, he was left feeling violated.

“Get a [expletive] job. Figure out what you need to do to make a living besides prey on somebody else,” Wiemar said.

Memphis Police say the suspects broke into the store with a crowbar just before 3 a.m.

“My security company Just In Case Security calls me at three o’clock in the morning,” Wiemar said. “Of course, I’m in my house with no power because it’s pouring down rain.”

That’s when he says pulled out his phone and saw the suspects in real time. The video shows the suspects casing the store, all of them wearing masks and gloves.

“They get out, use a hammer crash through the door, they come in, jump over the counter, and then they start taking stuff,” Wiemar said. “They took my garbage can and filled it up with silver.”

By the time the police arrived, the suspects were long gone in a white Infiniti, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Wiemar says they stole $15,000 in jewelry, mainly stealing sterling silver and steel jewelry. The suspects also stole a Rolex and the register with $60 inside.

“It’s going to cost me $20,000 to fix the showcases,” Wiemar said. “Realistically, I’m going to be out $50 grand today, and thank God for insurance. They’ll cover most of it but I still have to come up with the deductible.” 

Weimar says he even had guns inside the store that weren’t touched, but had he been inside, he says that might not have been the case.

“If they’d been here with a hammer, I’m sorry, but I would have had to shoot all of them,” Wiemar said. “And I hate to say that but something needs to be done, if this is what it takes to wake them up to tell them they need to stop breaking and entering.”

If you know anything, call CrimeStoppers at (901) 528-CASH.