MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Three men are on the run after stealing tobacco products and causing severe damage to a Hickory Hill convenience store.

Store manager James Shelton said three drive-thru burglars broke into The Pull Thru convenience store on Winchester Road after hours just before 6 Saturday morning.

“It’s kind of upsetting to me,” Shelton said.

Memphis Police posted photos and videos of the burglary suspects.

Memphis Police said the suspects were inside a red Dodge Charger with a gray Dodge Charger close by as a lookout. A hammer-wielding burglar was caught on camera smashing in the side window of the convenience store.

One of the suspects was seen loading a trash can with tobacco products as another man struggles to carry a stash out the window.

Shelton said they got away with about $300 to $500 worth of merchandise.

“They took cigarettes, cigars, things like that some chew, dipping,” he said.

He said the thieves got away with very little but cost thousands in damages by shattering the drive-thru window and stealing two empty cash registers.

“It cost us more because now we have to go back and replace those products go back and fix those windows we got to go back and fix that internet service we got to go back and replace those cash registers and those cash registers are not cheap at all,” he said.

The small business, which is still in its first year of operation, is putting people on notice with signs alerting everyone that all employees are armed at all times.

“If they coming in brandishing a firearm trying to rob us, I will make sure they leave in a body bag,” Shelton said.

Despite the stern warning, he’s sending this message to the suspects.

“They needed anything from us they could have just stopped by. We could have gave them a job. We are hiring right now,” he said.

Shelton said the suspects tried to get to the safe in the back but were unsuccessful. If you know anything call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.