MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A brawl on the field during a football game at a South Memphis school ended with two players pepper sprayed by an unknown woman.

According to a police report, officers were dispatched at 7:30 Thursday night to Booker T. Washington High School on Lauderdale for an aggravated assault call.

Two victims, both BTW team members, told officers that a fight broke out among players on both sides.

During the brawl, they said a woman came on the field and sprayed a can of pepper spray at both victims. Officers did not locate the woman or have a description of her.

The players were treated by the Memphis Fire Department, but police said there were no injuries.

The police report does not list the opposing team, but KIPP Memphis Public Schools released a statement confirming their team was involved, saying in part:

“Last Thursday night, there was an altercation during a football game against Booker T. Washington High School that resulted in the use of pepper spray. Everyone involved was examined by local officials and are okay. Violence and disruptive behavior are not tolerated at KIPP Memphis, and such incidents do not reflect the values and principles we uphold for our KIPPsters.”

KIPP Memphis Public Schools said they are working with local authorities, school administrators, and security personnel to investigate and address the incident.

Memphis-Shelby County Schools also released the following statement Tuesday:

“In the heat of competition, it is important to keep your cool. We understand that sometimes passions run high in sports, but we will continue to emphasize to our athletes the importance of good sportsmanship. We are handling the matter in accordance with our policies and using this incident to remind students that we should always work to resolve conflicts peacefully. Otherwise, we all lose out on an opportunity to enjoy a spirited game. Our school leaders and coaches will continue to work together to help students have a successful athletic season.”