MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Jarvis Cook says two weeks after someone broke into his Southeast Memphis Apartment, he still doesn’t feel safe inside his own home.

Cook said last month, crooks pried open his apartment door, ransacked the place, and left with two 55-inch televisions and some jewelry.

“It’s very disappointing,” said Cook. “I’m out here working hard to supply nice things for me to enjoy in life, and to have someone just come into my home and just take my things away is very hurtful.”

The burglary happened at the Preserve at Southwind Apartment Homes off Hacks Cross Road. Cook said he’s concerned about an increase in crime and a lack of security at his apartment complex.

“I know the cameras are not working; both of our gates right now are not working. So, anybody can come into the community, and it’s wide open for thieves to come in and have their way,” said Cook.

Preserve at Southwind

He said he’s still waiting for the apartment complex to replace his front door but decided to beef up his security. Cook installed a camera he can monitor from his phone while away and props a safety bar under his doorknob when he is home.

“Just the other night, I heard a car alarm at three in the morning, and when I looked out and saw the sheriff over there. A couple of weeks before, someone’s window of a car was broke into,” said Cook. “I thought this was a quiet and safe place, but lately, I believe crime is creeping into our community.”

We looked at crime reports within a half mile of Cook’s apartment complex and discovered officers have responded to 45 calls over the last month.

Most crimes were assaults, thefts, and vandalism and happened off Hacks Cross and Winchester.

We asked the Preserve at Southwind about the broken gate and Cook’s damaged door. A manager in the leasing office said they were working on the security gates and were concerned about their residents but referred us to their corporate office.

We were not able to reach anyone at the corporate office.

Cook said he doesn’t plan to replace any of the stolen items until his door is fixed, because thieves can easily get back inside.