MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Seven people have been charged after police say they assaulted a woman on Beale Street last week.

Natasha Johnson, Olivia Johnson, Janice Johnson, Jada Johnson, Eric Williams, Brandon Thomas, and Omari Johnson were all charged with aggravated assault.

A woman told police she and a friend were walking on Fourth and Beale when they were approached by the group.

According to police, Eric Williams began assaulting the woman when a second person tried to step in. Police say Omari Johnson pointed a gun at the second person and said “Touch him again and watch what happens.”

Police say Olivia Johnson and Brandon Thomas also had guns and were waving them in the air while encouraging Williams to continue the assault.

All seven suspects stomped, hit, and kicked the woman while she was on the ground, according to police.

The woman suffered a black eye and a left shoulder injury.

The seven suspects are expected to appear in court on Wednesday.