MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Memphis family says bounty hunters stormed their home Wednesday morning, and the person they were looking for wasn’t there. But the family says the fugitive agents found something else instead.

While things are quiet now along Given Avenue, it was a different story hours earlier at the Crawford residence.

According to an MPD report, around midnight, the family said several agents from All Out Bonding Company stormed the home, in search of Marterrio Crawford’s brother. He and his girlfriend were sleeping when the door was kicked in.

The couple said the agents came in with assault rifles and at some point, even handcuffed Crawford as they searched for his brother, who was not at the home.

“I really was scared, man. I thought they were finna shot us they kept saying I just paid 1600 for this gun I will use it on you,” Crawford said.

Memphis Police described All Out Bonding Company as a private company with a fugitive apprehension unit. The company told WREG they worked with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office on this operation and recovered drugs.

The family disputes that claim. They say $1,000 was stolen and filed a police report with MPD.

“I walked in the drawer was open. I was like hold up and I went over there looked to see if my money was gone so I ran back out, by the time I run back out they were gone,” Crawford said.

In light of the incident, Crawford is considering filing a lawsuit against everyone involved.

“We are going to press charges. We are going to follow through with everything because that wasn’t right,” he said.

In regards to the investigation, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement, “Our dispatch has no record about any event at this address, or any address on Given Ave today.”