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OXFORD, Miss.– The man charged with killing University of Mississippi graduate Jimmie “Jay” Lee was in court Wednesday afternoon for a bond hearing.

Sheldon Timothy Herrington, who is also a University of Mississippi graduate, was arrested on July 22 and charged with Lee’s death even though authorities have yet to confirm if his body has been found.

Family and friends of both Lee and Herrington made their way into Lafayette County Circuit Court and packed Judge Grady Tollison’s courtroom. Among them was Lee’s sister Tayla Cary, who is anxious to find out what exactly happened to her brother.

“We just hope that God does his work and we get justice,” Carey said.

Members of the LGBTQ community raised their voices for justice in the death of Jimmie “Jay” Lee as Herrington was led into the courthouse.

Braylyn Johnson, one of the rally organizers, spoke frankly about Herrington, who she knew from his time at the university.

“What I can tell you about Timothy is that he’s currently being charged for my friend’s murder. I can’t tell you or give you anything about his character because none of that is really relevant to this. You don’t know who people are behind closed doors,” Johnson said.

We were not allowed to record audio inside the courtroom where Judge Tollison read the affidavit of complaint against Herrington as he stood alongside one of his attorneys Kevin Horan.

In less than ten minutes, it was announced the scheduled bond hearing would be postponed.

“The defense, I don’t think, has had enough time to maybe speak with his client about this situation and I’m just assuming that’s why they’ve asked for a continuance,” said Circuit Court Clerk Jeff Busby.

Herrington was led from the courtroom and returned to the Lafayette County Jail and none of his family would talk to the media.

The Assistant DA prosecuting the case declined to talk but we were notified that the bond hearing has been reset for August 9.