BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (WREG) — The Blytheville Police Department put a different spin on Valentine’s Day by creating some unique greeting cards for their Facebook page.

The goal was to improve community outreach and show that police have a sense of humor as well.

The staff at Lunsford’s Flower Shop in Blytheville were snipping and arranging roses for nearly 48 hours in a rush to fill Valentine’s Day orders

“Yesterday and today, of course, it’s been steady, steady, steady, but thank the Lord for that,” said Margaret Lunsford-Abbott, the owner of the flower shop.

She wasn’t too busy, however, to get a laugh from some virtual Valentine’s Day cards created by Blytheville Police.

The virtual cards were posted Tuesday morning on the police department’s Facebook page. Officers jumped at the idea after seeing other departments do the same thing.

“We’re just basically creating a public platform to where the public can look at our page and see, obviously, they’re funny, they can have a good time and at the same time we can conduct ourselves professionally,” said Public Information Officer Sgt. Robin Haught-Angel.

The virtual cards, which poke harmless fun at police, probably won’t be giving Hallmark any competition.

A card that said “Love is in the air, Oh wait, it’s donuts” made Melissa Grant laugh since she owns a popular Blytheville donut shop.

Grant has a sister and son-in-law on the force and hopes the funny cards will help build a positive relationship with the community.

We’re told the virtual cards will stay up all day on the Blytheville Police Facebook and you can even expect some new ones to be added.