MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Community members enjoyed breakfast with law enforcement Monday in an effort to break down barriers and learn more about building better relationships.

The Young Avenue Deli in the middle of Cooper Young became a middle ground for the community and cops. On Monday, many made their way inside to celebrate what’s being called a ‘Blue Christmas’ in honor of the men and women in blue.

The deli’s owner, Tiger Bryant, said ways to improve police-community relationships were being dished out in addition to fresh fruit, perfectly prepared pancakes, and crispy bacon.

“The reality is, if we don’t come together we are going to see this youth violence, and the break-ins and the violence and everything else. It’s just about trying to bring us all together,” he said.

His wife Glennys Bryant said aside from being a business owner, she is also a concerned citizen.

“Some of us feel this is not a great place to be in the city, and we really need our police officers to protect us, to make sure we’re safe,” she said.

The deli was transformed into a safe place for the meeting of the minds.

“The city is full of a lot of different people, the police department has a lot of different people,” said Glennys Bryant. “Not everyone is the same, not everyone believes the same, but the greater good is what we are all after.”

In addition to the breakfast, cards from local children were made and given to those officers who attended in another effort to say thank you.