MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is dead after family members say he was killed by someone he was working with.

Derek Rawlings is charged with second-degree murder in connection to the death of Marvin Parker, 63.

“My favorite memory of him was always teaching me to do the right thing,” said Melvin Parker, the victim’s younger brother.

Parker says his brother will forever be known as the life of the party. He says his big brother adored his family and enjoyed helping others.”He helped people in the neighborhood. He basically was a great guy, overall,” he said.

Marvin Parker (courtesy Melvin Parker)

Memories are all Parker and his family have left after his brother was brutally killed earlier this month. Parker says his brother was killed over money.

“He could’ve called me and asked me for the 50 dollars or 80 dollars,” Parker said.

MPD says the killing happened inside a home on Staten Avenue.

“He lured my brother to this spot where it actually happened, and once he thought he killed my brother, he picked him up, put him in his truck, drove him from the North Memphis side area to the Orange Mound area, and left him for dead,” Parker said.

Family says Marvin was remodeling the home for someone else and asked Rawlings to help.

On the day of the killing, police say Marvin was on the phone with an acquaintance when they overheard an altercation between Marvin and the suspect. Marvin’s body was later found on South Greer street.

“We just thought he got hit from behind and was stabbed and beaten to death. We just found out last night that he got shot in the face also,” Parker said.

Right next door to the crime scene, Memphis police say they found bloody clothing inside of this abandoned, stripped vehicle. They say one of the articles of clothing was a camouflage jacket that had the word “Wurth” sewn on to it.

Rawlings was identified as the suspect after surveillance video caught him wearing the same jacket that was found at the crime scene. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

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Parker says they plan on being at every court hearing until justice is fully served.

Rawlings is in jail on a $350,000 dollar bond. He’s due back in court Monday.