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UPDATE: The trial will continue Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m.

UPDATE: Deborah Marion, Lorenzen Wright’s mother, ran out of the courtroom after the prosecutor asked for the 911 call to be played.

UPDATE: Claudia Robinson said “J” showed up to the house to pick up the money. Turner was present at the time and he was over at the house quite often.

Robinson said Sherra stated again “He has at hit on me. It has to be him or me.” Robinson did not believe Lorenzen was trying to kill Sherra. She also stated that “J” told Sherra that Robinson “can get off’ed too.”

Robinson said she did not immediately go to police because she was “fearful for her life”.

UPDATE: Second witness, Claudia Robinson, has testified that she overheard a conversation held between Sherra and Billy Ray Turner where Sherra stated she wanted Lorenzen dead because he had a hit on her. Robinson said she heard Sherra tell Turner “it’s him or me.”

Robinson is Sherra’s first cousin and the Wright’s former nanny.

UPDATE: Deborah Marion, Lorenzen Wright’s mother, has been called to the stand.

Marion said Sherra didn’t tell her that Lorenzen was missing and that she knew something was wrong when he didn’t return her phone calls.

UPDATE: Assistant District Attorney Paul Hagerman showed the jury the murder weapon that was retrieved from a Batesville, MS lake – the gun he says Sherra’s cousin Jimmie Martin led authorities to.

“It was thrown in a lake and nobody was ever supposed to see it again,” Hagerman said.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — On Tuesday, the trial for the last suspect facing charges in the Lorenzen Wright murder case will continue.

A jury was selected Monday. There are a total of seven white and eight black jurors. The 15 jurors are also split between eight females and seven males.

The jurors who will decide Billy Turner’s fate were questioned on how much they know about the murder case.

The judge already instructing them they won’t be going home anytime soon and not to watch any media about the case.

“We know that Memphis has waited 12 years for this. Lorenzen was killed in 2010 and we’re finally here on trial day,” District Attorney Hagerman said.

Turner has been in jail since 2017.

Prosecutor Paul Hagerman started out telling the jury this case is about evil in the heart of the woman who orchestrated Lorenzen Wright’s murder, his ex-wife Sherra and the men who helped carry out the crime, her cousin Jimmy Martin and Sherra’s church member Billy Ray Turner, the man who’s on trial.

“Billy Turner was Sherra Wright’s friend. Billy Turner was Sherra Wright’s yard man. Billy Turner was Sherra Wright’s romantic secret interest,” Hagerman said.

Hagerman held up the gun he says was used to kill Wright, the gun Sherra’s cousin said he and Turner tried to hide.

“This is the murder weapon that killed Lorenzen Wright. It was thrown in the bottom of a lake and nobody in the world was ever supposed to see this again,” he said. “But Jimmy led them straight to it.”

Turner’s attorney John Keith Perry said the state is banking their case on Martin, a convicted murderer who can’t be believed.

“Guess what the State of Tennessee did. When this guy said I can figure out the murder for you before my sentence. Ok I can figure out that murder for you. Guess what they do. They give him a permanent get out of jail free card,” Perry said. “This unindicted co-conspirator is a farce. It’s a lie. It’s nothing.”

The first witness, Lorenzen Wright’s mother Deborah Marion, got tearful as she talked about realizing something was wrong.

“When he didn’t return my call. He always return my call me and Lauren. That’s why I waited to call because when he didn’t call back I knew something was wrong. He always called her back,” Marion said.

Lorenzen and Sherra’ former Nanny, Claudia Robinson, said she was in the room when Sherra told Turner and Martin about a hit Lorenzen had on her.

“She said its him or me. I am like what do you mean he has a hit one me. He has to go,” Robinson said.

But the defense attorney questioned Robinson about why she never went to police until 2017, and her getting immunity from prosecution.

“Are you saying I didn’t tell anybody. Of course I am protecting myself. She had already threatened my life,” Robinson said.