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UPDATE: Turner was found guilty on all counts. See story here.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Some people may find some of the images and materials discussed in this trial disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It is day 6 in the trial of Billy Ray Turner, the man who is accused of killing NBA star Lorenzen Wright in 2010.

The judge said on day 6 that there is more than enough evidence of conspiracy, first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. He also denied motion of acquittal made by the defense who said the state’s main witness, Jimmie Martin, was “contradictory.”

Billy Ray Turner decided not to testify. Sherra Wright, ex-wife of Lorenzen Wright who was sentenced to 30 years in Wright’s murder, will not testify. A witness who was part of operation rebound did a surveillance on Sherra Wright and Turner and provided pictures of them walking down the street together.


The undercover detective also said the two talked privately for 34 minutes. The two met up, according to the detective at a home along Starlight Driver, but they did not stay inside very long. The defense, however, struck back saying there was nothing underhanded about walking for all to see.

“I saw them walking up and down the street talking,” he said. “It was kind of odd because they left a residence to walk down the street to talk privately.”

The prosecutors had a shared sentiment.

“They were walking down the street for anybody to see, but they weren’t in the house for anybody to hear. Right?” Prosecutor Paul Hagerman said.

Another witness, Jennifer Bogan, testified that she had a cookout at her home on July 18, 2010 around 10 p.m. and Turner was there. Bogan was asked if she knew where Turner was two hours later when shots could be heard on Wright’s phone when he called 911. She said she did not know where Turner was around midnight. Bogan claims to have known Billy Ray Turner for 20 years and as a church member.

Jimmie Martin, cousin of Sherra Wright, claimed on day 5 of the trial that Sherra Wright recruited he and Turner to kill Lorenzen. Martin claimed he was not there during the killing, but instead drove with Turner to Mississippi to get rid of evidence from the murder scene.

Martin also testified that both Sherra and Turner fired shots at Wright.

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The trial will continue on Monday, March 21 at 10:00 a.m.