MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis state representative is proposing a bill that will require property owners and landlords to publicly disclose all their properties and contact information so renters can reach them.

State Representative Dwayne Thompson of Cordova says the complaints of renters in Memphis inspired him to file the bill.

“I don’t want this to be looked at as a partisan bill. This a bill that affects everyone– democrats, republicans, and all others. I hope we can find some common ground,” said Thompson.

Under current laws, only Metro Nashville/Davidson County has a landlord registry.  Thompson wants the new legislation to include Shelby County.

“This is not an anti-landlord bill. Most landlords do the right thing. They give decent service to their tenants. It won’t affect lost landlords. It will only affect those that don’t do the job that they are supposed to do,” said Thompson.

Despite some property managers previously expressing concern to WREG about these measures, the bill will be heard during this upcoming Tennessee General Assembly reconvening.

Representative Thompson tells WREG he’s still looking for a senate sponsor for the bill.