MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Thousands of music fans are days away from rocking out at Memphis in May’s 2023 edition of the Beale Street Music Festival along the newly remodeled Tom Lee Park.

“The last time fans were welcomed to Tom Lee Park for Beale Street Music Festival was 2019. So, it’s been four years since we’ve had a festival here,” said Randy Blevins, Vice President of Marketing for Memphis in May.

The stages are set for three days of music featuring Rock, Soul, Alternative, and Hip Hop. But what’s different this year is the Blues acts will play in Handy Park on historic Beale Street.

At Insomnia Cookies, that could mean a sweet taste of success.

“We are very excited about having the extra customers coming in, plus we’ll be able to see some of the action. So, it brings some of the entertainment closer to us. We’re ready and love the crowds,” said Insomnia Cookies Assistant Manager Jessica Ramsey.

Back at Tom Lee Park, where $60 million in renovations have taken place, fans will find new structures, pathways, bridges, and trails.

“It’s the same Tom Lee Park, but it’s a different Tom Lee Park. There’s extra vegetation, planting, and new structures. All of that will appear different for the fans when they show up,” Blevins said.

There will still be three main stages.

“Fans will be able to enjoy the music in front of the stages, plenty of places to buy food and beverage. It might be a little bit tighter in some places, but still one of the most fantastic places to enjoy live music,” Blevins said.

As for security measures, especially after Sunday’s double shooting on Beale, Jim Holt the president and CEO of Memphis In May said on WREG’s Live at 9 that Tom Lee Park will be safe.

“I can tell you this, though, that the safest place to be in the state of Tennessee this weekend will be Tom Lee Park. We’re going to have more public safety officers as far as police, Shelby County Sheriff, the FBI on site. We have a large contingent of safety officers. So, Tom Lee Park is going to be very safe,” Holt said.

Rain or shine, the Beale Street Music Fest is back at Tom Lee Park for the city’s biggest outdoor party of the year.

The Beale Street Music Festival runs from May 5 through May 7.

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