MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Fourth of July festivities are in full swing across Memphis right now. Thousands are on Beale Street tonight to celebrate the holiday, and with the added people comes added security. 

As a result of the anticipated crowds over the next few days, the Downtown Memphis Commission has increased safety measures around Beale Street, from adding security to increasing lighting.

“It is necessary, and I actually love the fact that they took the extra step,” said Ronisha Joy, who works nearby.

While the changes are being celebrated by some, others are opting to play it safe by leaving Beale Street early.

“I just think when the young people come in, this millennium that we got going on here, they don’t respect anything,” Memphis resident Margaret Wilson said.

Prior to Fourth of July weekend, Memphis Police say it’s conducted crowd control training and have deployed dozens of officers to the area.

These changes come a few months after a fatal triple shooting on Beale Street, which is still on the minds of patrons.

“They explode, shoot. I don’t feel safe at night anymore, really,” said patron Mary Johnson-Millage. “That’s why we need more security.”

With holiday festivities well underway, one thing is clear: safety remains a top concern for Memphians.

“If we just love on each other a little bit more, it will be easier for everybody,” Wilson said.

As of Saturday night, there have not been any reports of any major incidents on Beale Street. If you’re heading to Beale Street, the regular security checkpoint rules are in place.