MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Attorneys for two of the three men charged in the deadly shooting at Prive restaurant last month appeared in court Thursday.

Kendrick Gray, Damone Sykes, and Johnny Sanford were scheduled to appear before a judge Thursday morning. All three men are charged in connection with the mass shooting at Prive restaurant that left two people dead and several others injured.

However, we only saw Sykes in court, but it was through video since he’s still recovering from his gunshot wounds at the hospital. The other two suspects were represented by their attorneys.

Attorney Handel Durham is representing Damone Sykes who’s charged with attempted murder. 

“There’s nothing in there that suggests that he opened fire on anyone. He was fired upon. He was shot 14 times,” Durham said.

According to the affidavit, video shows Sykes forcibly took a gun from an assailant and used it on them. Durham said that’s not what he gathered from the video.

“Most of the time, we just relied on the statements of the police, and we’ve seen in this city and in others that that is not something that we can really hang our hats on anymore,” Durham said.

Attorney William Massey appeared on behalf of Kendrick Gray who’s facing first-degree murder and attempted murder charges. 

According to Memphis police, Gray was seen on video hopping on one leg toward one of the victims and opening fire with a modified Glock pistol. The affidavit says security tried to detain Gray, but he allegedly pointed a gun at them, which caused security to shoot him.

Massey said he thinks his client was acting in self-defense since it’s believed the security guards were in plain clothing.

“If you walk around a car and a man has a weapon and is standing facing you with that weapon raised, and he’s an adversary, do you wait and see,” Massey asked.

However, Judge Christian Johnson questioned the choice of weapon Gray allegedly used.

“That’s what I’m referring to as a danger to the community. I mean if you’re using an illegal weapon or walking around with one,” Judge Johnson said.

Both attorneys describe the surveillance video as chaotic and say it does not paint a clear picture of what really happened.

“There’s a lot more that just needs to be explored. So, we can get to the bottom of it,” Durham said.

Gray’s bond is set at $600,000, Syke’s bond has been set at $100,000, and Sandford is out on bond.

All three men are due in court for a preliminary hearing on April 25.