MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A nine-year-old Atoka Elementary School student allegedly made a social media post brandishing a weapon.

Parents across Tipton County are demanding more accountability from the school district, saying they received a notification six days after the initial social media post was made.

“We are very disappointed, with the recent events, I think there is a lot of disappointment,” an Atoka Elementary school parent said. “We trust those people with our kids, like they’re with our kids for eight hours a day and to know there’s not transparency when it comes to that or just an open line of communication, I think that is very disappointing.”

The Atoka Police Department says they investigated the photo and determined that it was taken outside of their jurisdiction and have not found any threats.

Despite police findings, concerns linger for parents. “She could have been a victim and with all the prior events that happened in the last couple weeks, I think it could have been handled way better than what they did,” an Atoka Elementary school parent said.

As a result of the post, there was an increased presence by law enforcement at Atoka Elementary this week.

Tipton County Schools says the student seen in the post has been suspended.