MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are looking for three armed and masked suspects accused of robbing the Jack Pirtle’s Chicken drive-thru on South Bellevue Boulevard two weeks ago.

Owner Tawanda Pirtle says the suspects ambushed someone taking out the trash and then forced their way into the restaurant at gunpoint.

WREG obtained surveillance video. It shows someone taking out the trash and being ambushed in the parking lot. He runs but it’s too late.

“They had guns and put all my people on the floor, walked in with a guy that came from the garbage,” Pirtle said.

Pirtle owns the Memphis institution along with her husband. She says this location just reopened a month ago after being closed two years due to a fire and already it’s been robbed at gunpoint.

She says the suspects looked like teens.

“All I can say is Memphis, we need to educate our children,” she said. “We need to start educating them young because once they got to this age and they’re doing this, there is no saving them.”

Pirtle says the crime has become overwhelming. Last weekend her business Feelin’ Memphis on South Main was riddled with bullet holes after a shooting.

“Monday morning I literally could have sold everything that I own and moved,” Pirtle said.

Despite the obstacles, she says the Bluff City has her heart. To keep others loving Memphis she says repeat offenders need to be dealt with.

“My logo downtown is ‘Feelin’ Memphis, live it and love it,’ and that’s truly the way we feel,” Pirtle said. “What I say to the DA is lock their [expletive] up and keep them there.”

Pirtle says that the suspects did get away with some cash.