PHILLIPS COUNTY, Ark. (WREG) — An Arkansas community is fighting to keep its two schools from closing.

Danielle Wright, a concerned parent living in the small Phillips County town of Marvell, is watching as the town’s high school and elementary school face closing in the new year.

“I have faith but I don’t think we have a chance of saving our school district because it was brought to the community at such a late time,” she said.

She questions what school district students may ultimately end up in.

“As of now, our options are Barling, HWH, DeWitt, Brinkley, Clarendon, and Lee County which are in other counties and that’s going to hurt,” Wright said.

The Marvell-Elaine School District has been on Level 5 Intensive Support. It was placed there by the Arkansas Department of Education for low attendance, poor test scores, and a lack of certified teachers.

On December 8, the State Board voted to deny Marvell-Elaine’s request for a waiver to operate with fewer than 350 students saying, “The district can no longer provide an adequate and equitable education for its students.”

Wright has organized several demonstrations opposing the State’s action. She’s also voicing her outrage with the district’s superintendent for letting things get to the point of annexation.

“Us, as parents and community, we want answers on why she wasn’t communicating with us in a timely manner to get up to ‘cry out’ to the State Board,” she said.

It’s a frustration felt by Christopher Neal, a Marvell Elementary student who says he’ll miss his school.

“Seeing my friends and I can’t do that if the school closes down ’cause I don’t know what school they’re going to go to,” he said.

District Superintendent Dr. Katina Ray declined an on-camera interview but issued a statement saying, “We certainly understand the strong emotions of our parents and community members.  At this point and time, we are upholding the decisions that were made by the Arkansas State Board of Education.”