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CRITTENDEN COUNTY, Ark. – – Stashes of guns and drugs were seized by deputies this week during a series of busts in Crittenden County, Arkansas.

One of the raids happened at a home in the Lake Shore community while officers were checking on Charles Gould, who is on parole from prison. 

“I’ve been knowing him for a long time,” neighbor Dennis Williams said. “He a good dude. He just went down a wrong road.”

Now, Gould is in more trouble. Investigators said they found meth and marijuana in his house along with a gun. Jamie Honshell was also arrested.

Deputies said Gould is also a sex offender who failed to properly register. 

Another bust happened at a home in Turrell while officers were checking on a second parolee, Alfachina Nelson. He’s now facing serious drug charges. Troytaveis Kirkwood, who was allegedly in possession of a loaded handgun, was also arrested.

A third raid happened at a home in Earle where officers said they found pills, marijuana, multiple rifles, and thousands of dollars in cash.

Deputies aren’t saying anything else about that bust, which like the other two, was coordinated with a special drug task force.

Tim Olson, who lives in the Lake Shore community, appreciates law enforcement’s effort to clean the streets but fears it’s difficult for officers to stay ahead. 

“It’s going to happen because like I’m saying it goes from one trailer park to another trailer park,” Olson said. “They clean up this trailer park then they going to go to another trailer park.”